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GeMIC 4th steering committee meeting

The 4th GeMIC steering committee took place on 14-15 October, 2010 in Athens.

The agenda of the meeting is available here. All the reports of each thematic package were discussed. View the presentations by:

Renata Pepicelli on the synthesis report on “Religious practices

Claudia Pedone on the synthesis report on “Urban spaces and movements

Ioana Mohor-Ivan on the synthesis report on “National Identity and the Media

Marko Hajdinjak on the synthesis report on “Mixed and Transnational Families

Katerina Kolozova on the synthesis report on “Intercultural Violence

Zelia Gregoriou on the synthesis report on “Intercultural Education

GeMIC 3rd steering committee meeting

The 3rd GeMIC steering committee meeting took place on 15-16 April 2010 at the Kostis Palamas building, Akadimias 48 & Sina (map).

The agenda of the meeting is available here.

On April 16, GeMIC organised a public lecture by Sandro Mezzadra on “Movements and Struggles of Migration in a Postcolonial Europe”.

Sandro Mezzadra – Movements and Struggles of Migration in a Postcolonial Europe.

Thematic workshop at Istanbul – wp9

Istanbul thematic workshopThe coordinator prepared draft questionnaires for the field research on the mixed and transnational families. The drafts were discussed by the participants on the meeting and later revised. The partners discussed the fieldwork and agreed to conduct at least 10 interviews for each group of families (mixed and transnational). In mixed families both spouses are to be interviewed. In the case of transnational families, interviews will be done with the spouse (woman or man) residing in the country where the research is taking place.

The participating teams also discussed the specific features of their cases. The Turkish team will focus on the mixed families consisting of a Turkish male partner and a female partner from one of the Soviet Union successor states (most likely Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan). As for transnational families, they will concentrate on cases of families, where the male partner departed to work in Germany or France, and cases of women from the former Soviet Union, who came to Turkey leaving their families behind in their home countries. more.. »

Thematic workshop at Galati – wp4

Galati thematic workshop - GeMIC research projectThe thematic workshop on National Identity and the Media (WP4) took place in Galati (Romania) on May 14-16, 2009. It was organised by the WP4 coordinating team from “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati and it was attended by representatives of all three partner teams involved in WP4, namely: on behalf of the Romanian WP coordinator UDJG – Gabriela Iuliana Colipca, Ioana Ivan-Mohor, Michaela Praisler, Mariana Neagu, Gabriela Dima and Antoanela Marta Dumitrascu; on behalf of the Greek team from Panteion University UPSPS – Maria Paradeisi and Ioanna Vovou; and on behalf of the FYROM team EU-BAL – Jana Lozanoska. more.. »

Thematic meeting at Bologna – wp7

carrer-de-blai On 29 May 2009 the Italian team organized a workshop to discuss the progress made in the research and submit the first results of the fieldwork done in each of the districts selected in Barcelona, Athens and Bologna. more.. »

Bologna thematic meeting – wp6

mosque_centocelle On 7 April 2009 the coordinator of WP6 organized an intermediate meeting at the university of Bologna. During this meeting each partner presented the country case study through a power point and discussed methodological issues and future lines of investigation. more.. »

GeMIC – Aegina meeting

Meeting of GeMIC teamThe second GeMIC Steering Committee Meeting took place in the island of Aegina between the 1st and 3d of October 2008. It was organised by the project coordinator (Panteion University) and was attended by the scientific coordinators and principal researchers of the partner countries as well as by the EC project officer. The purpose of the meeting was the finalisation of the reports on the Context Analysis and Methodology Review and the Policy Analysis work packages and the discussion of the researh methodologies and case-studies for the thematic work of the project. more.. »

Ge.M.IC kick-off meeting overview


In the kick-off meeting of the Ge.M.IC project which was held in Athens, on 28-29 February 2008, the research team met for the first time in flesh and blood. This was an opportunity for exploring, discussing, disagreeing on the possible research paths that the project might follow in the next three years. What follows is a brief, incomplete description of what took place, the issues raised and the presentations made. more.. »

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